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Qwak 50% Off This Week

Jamie Woodhouse's classic action arcade platformer is half-off this week on Archive Games.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA February 14, 2009 Celebrate Valentine's day with Qwak, a cuddly classic platform game! In Qwak, players guide a duck through 70 fun and challenging levels. Players try to gain higher scores by collecting fruit. Players will also find numerous other objects in their adventure: keys to unlock doors, jet boots to fly across the screen, umbrellas that cause fruit to rain from the sky, and eggs to throw at the player's enemies. Many more secret hidden bonuses await those who play through the game! Players do not have to brave alone the six visually stunning worlds depicted in Qwak -- they can bring along a friend to help them in the cooperative gameplay mode. Players can post their high scores to a global high scores list.

This week, players can get Qwak for half its normal price - only $9.99! The sale ends next weekend on 2/22.

For more information about Qwak, or to download the demo, please visit http://ArchiveGames.net/game.php?gameID=qwak


About Archive Entertainment:
Archive Entertainment is a company that focuses on providing products and services in the sphere of online entertainment, such as digital distribution, downloadable games, and streaming video.

About Jamie Woodhouse:
Jamie Woodhouse is a veteran game developer, who has made numerous games independently over the past twenty five years. Woodhouse's talents encompass such diverse fields as design, engineering, and art.


Qwak - Tutorial: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/26.jpg
Qwak - Jet Boots: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/27.jpg
Qwak - Co-Op: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/28.jpg
Qwak - Underground: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/29.jpg
Qwak - Egypt: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/30.jpg
Archive Games: http://archivegames.net/presskitimages/browse-games.png

Additional screenshots & art assets are available in press kit link below.


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