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Archive Entertainment Launches Archive Games Distribution Platform

New online distribution platform focuses on ease of use.

AUSTIN, TX – December 31, 2007 – Archive Entertainment has announced the launch of the Archive Games Distribution Platform. The platform allows downloadable games to be browsed, installed, updated, and launched.

The utility was designed from the ground-up to be as easy as possible for users. The interface is simple and intuitive, and game updates can be downloaded and applied with a single click.

On Archive Games, game vendors have total control over their games – they may customize all facets of their games on-demand through a web backend interface. Whether they wish to distribute a game update to their audience or update their product pages, vendors can do so directly through this interface.

Said Archive Entertainment Owner Robby Zinchak, “We're very excited to launch Archive Games. We hope it serves as a useful tool to the community, and look forward to working with more developers to expand our catalog of available titles.”

Archive Games is currently available for both Windows and Linux. For more information about Archive Games, please visit http://www.EditingArchive.com/archivegames/

Archive Entertainment is a company that focuses on providing products and services in the sphere of online entertainment, such as downloadable games, streaming video, and community forums.


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