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Light of Altair, Open Fire Gold available at Archive Games

Archive Games distributes two new indie games and launches website improvements.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 17, 2009 Two new independently developed titles were released today on the Archive Games distribution platform for Windows: Open Fire Gold and Light of Altair's pre-release demo.

Light of Altair by SaintXi is a sci-fi colony building game with a deep plot. Grow colonies from landing pod to metropolis, while sending off new spaceships to expand your territory to other worlds. You are not alone in space, 8 factions from different parts of the world are all following their own agendas in the solar system; diplomacy and orbital-combat are essential to learn. The game retails for $14.95, but is 25% off for pre-orders. A demo is available for download now.

Get ready to load your weapons and open fire again with Open Fire Gold by Blue Gill Studios, an arcade-like military shoot-'em-up, that will have you uncontrollably wasting hours of precious time. Featuring two different game modes: Stop the Huns and Open Fire Classic, Open Fire Gold shoves you in the shoes of a lone operative armed to the teeth with explosive rocket rounds and a handful of land mines! Open Fire Gold includes a full featured demo and is available for a mere $3.99.

Some improvements have also been made to the Archive Games website to make it even easier for users to find quality indie games -- now large resolution game header images are shown on game pages, and featured game icons are shown on the home page for both paid and free games.


About Archive Entertainment:
Archive Entertainment is a company that focuses on providing products and services in the sphere of online entertainment, such as digital distribution, downloadable games, and streaming video.


Light of Altair - http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/64.jpg
Light of Altair - http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/67.jpg
Light of Altair - http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/69.jpg
Open Fire Gold - http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/74.jpg
Open Fire Gold - http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/75.jpg
Open Fire Gold - http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/76.jpg

Additional screenshots and information for each game is available on their product pages:
Altair Product Page: http://archivegames.net/game.php?gameID=altair
Open Fire Gold Product Page: http://archivegames.net/game.php?gameID=ofg


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