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Archive Entertainment

Archive Entertainment is a provider of top quality games and entertainment. Please browse our projects list below for more information on what we are working on.


8BitMMO is our current primary project. 8BitMMO has over 600,000 users and is available via Steam, Kongregate, Amazon, and 8BitMMO.net.

Older Projects

Archive Games

Archive Games is a project to deliver downloadable games directly to users in a fast & easy to use interface. The system provides both free games, paid games, and demos using an advanced distribution engine that runs on multiple platforms. The engine allows for quick updating directly by the developer and easy e-commerce processing. Over 25 titles are currently hosted by a large variety of creators.

More information can be found on the Archive Games page.


SimWorld is a free 3D game playable now. Your team must compete against other teams to build your own bases and defenses, while also attacking any opposing team's base.

For more information on SimWorld, please visit this page.

Archive Items & Points for vBulletin

Archive Items and Archive Points provide two drop-in additions valuable to any vBulletin powered forums community. The two systems work together to increase user activity by rewarding user activity in a highly visible and transparent manner.

More information can be found on the Archive Items & Points page.

Backyard Bones

A free puzzle game -- help Ruby find her buried bones! Get it as a stand-alone install or via Archive Games.

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover is our original video game project, a mod for the first Half-Life game. It prototypes out the gameplay later seen in SimWorld, and uses an early version of the Archive Games distribution engine to keep all its files up to date. Learn more.

Please feel free to explore using the above links, or contact us using the contact form!


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